Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Clones and Their Names

As I have mentioned in My Clone Army Has Begun post, my assistant and I have built a clone after us. We decided to not give him a growth serum, but let him grow normally. His name is Josiah. I like to call him Jose—unlike the Spanish pronunciation, the "J" is pronounced. The best way to describe Jose at this point is that he likes technology, is very inquisitive, is shy, likes to laugh (the tough part is getting him to laugh—my assistant and I have figured it out though), stubborn (like me), and is very adorable—of course, I am biased.

My Blog post When Will Weird No Longer Be Weird gives the goal for our clones where we gave the hint of our next clone, and she is well on the way. We have decided to call her Amelia, and her official nickname, as official as it can be, is Ella. However, she also has been dubbed with Boo—thanks to the way we announced her to others. We used a Boo doll from Monsters, Inc., and the name stuck! Of course, we could have used glue remover to unstick the name, but we liked the name. It is too early to describe Amelia, but we already know she will be beautiful and great like my assistant.

Now you might be thinking okay, whatever, this is boring. Then I might ask, well, why did you continue reading? How about leaving before getting to this point? You might reply, I just got bored when you figured out that I was bored, which interested me to keep reading to see what you would say about my boredom. Furthermore, you say that it is amazing that you have predicted everything I would think—it is almost as if you are putting these thoughts into my head with your put-thoughts-into-your-blog-readers-mind machine. To which I would respond, wait, how did you know I had such a machine?! However, I would catch myself and use my erase-the-news-of-my-put-thoughts-into-your-blog-readers-mind-machine machine.

So where were we? Oh, you forgot? That is okay—I forget all the time too, as my mind does not remember much at all. However, I have not forgotten our clones Josiah or Amelia. Besides hiring my assistant, they were two of the best decisions ever! Where do we go from here? Only God knows, and we will continue to strive after Him for wisdom and guidance.

Before closing, here is a word from my assistant:
I look forward to the new addition of this clone in our group. 
[Insertion from Jeremy: I am waiting for my assistant to provide more, but for some reason, she  is nervous to be writing in front of my many, many blog readers. Of course, I just reminded her that almost all of my blog readers are just my family—if that. In fact, it might only be me reading it from multiple devices as I try to increase the pageview stats to make myself feel like it is worth writing these things. Okay, now I feel like I have hijacked my assistant’s word. Sorry about that. Moving on.]
Our first clone Josiah has taught me so much, and I love being part of his life. I loved how Jeremy described him, and I would add that Jose is soft hearted. He loves to please and does not like to see us sad. Since I am a girl assistant, I really look forward to my new girl clone who I can teach and share my life and experiences like princesses, horses, and beautiful dresses. It was really hard to choose a name, but we are really excited about the name Amelia for our sweet new clone. :-)
TTFN. Ta ta for now,


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