Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Would You Wish for If You Had Four Wishes?

I just watched a Twilight Zone episode where a man came across a wine bottle with a genie in it. He gave this person four wishes. Of course, it turned out bad (as there were unforeseen consequences for his wishes), and in the end, he wished for everything to be the way it use to be. The moral of the story was to be happy for what you have. So if you had been given four wishes, what would you wish for? Here are my quick thoughts on what I would choose:

  1. My first wish would be for a better topic for my blog post.
  2. My second wish would be for actual, real people to exist who would read my blog post (except for my loving and caring family who are already with me through good and bad blog posts—emphasis on bad).
  3. My third wish would be for everything to be normal to show people that weird is actually good and that if things were normal, the world would be a terrible place to live.
  4. My fourth wish would be to turn everything back the way it was and see if it does make me happier like in the show.
From the biblical worldview, happiness and joy exist through Jesus Christ for those that repent and receive Him as their Lord and Savior. You must be broken in spirit and mourn to receive the kingdom of God. We are wretched and sinful human beings, but praise be to God that He sent His Son to die in our place.


  1. I have to say: I would totally go with Susan's four wishes. Sorry.
    (Your wish number two just came true, someone outside your family is reading this now - thanks to Susan's blog. Now do I really have to stop reading your blog for number four to come true?)