Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some Annoying Things for Non-Lazy People

  1. Lazy people.
  2. Realizing that many of the things that annoy you are a result of lazy tendencies but you just overcome them.
  3. Realizing you do not overcome your lazy tendencies all the time and can be considered a lazy person at times.
  4. You are never satisfied with finishing tasks, as you have plenty more to do.
  5. Jealous of the lazy person who is satisfied with the tasks, or lack thereof, he has accomplished.
  6. Everyone else is still asleep.
  7. No one is at church yet.
  8. “The party started an hour ago, why are you just arriving?”
  9. “If you would learn to be like me, you would not have those problems.”
  10. Trying to come up with a list about non-lazy people when you do not even consider yourself as one or vice versa. In other words, I do not claim these are accurate.
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