Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Clone Army Has Begun

My first clone is almost complete. The first order of business is the name. Jeremy Two is very practical in my mind though I admit that it lacks a certain ring to it; however, my assistant, who significantly helps me in this endeavor, says no because apparently to her it its not practical. She said I would then have to be called Jeremy One when the call for sustenance is made in order to distinguish between us, and it just sounds demeaning.

It would seem we have different practical bones in our bodies. When I asked what name she would like she just said, "Hmmm." I have to say, I was rather impressed by this name she came up with. I thought she would come up with a common name that all clones get. However, she withdrew her idea saying she was just saying that because she was thinking of a name. Whatever the reason, I do agree not to use it, as people would probably not understand the brilliance of such a name. We decided to go with a simpler but meaningful name that everyone will love. I know they will love the name because once my army is complete, they will have no other choice. The name will probably not be assigned until "Jeremy Two" is ready. Over and out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Annoying Things for Lazy People

1. Cleaning teeth
2. Getting out of bed
3. Having to plug the PS3 controller into the system
4. Making lunch for work
5. Making food in general
6. Running out of toilet paper
7. Not having the right game or DVD in its case because of the laziness of actually putting them away in the correct case
8. Getting an extra key made for family so you do not lock yourself out of the house
9. Writing a list of things that annoy you to delay cleaning your teeth
10. Trying to come up with enough things that annoy you to make the list an even 10