Friday, January 21, 2011

In All Honesty, I Hate This Phrase

Have you ever said "in all honesty" or "honestly" when your trying to tell someone something you would not normally say? Many people use it to try to soften the blow of a negative statement.

In fact, I have unfortunately found myself succumbing to the normalness of the world at times and have used the phrase! I did, however, quickly repent and tried never to do it again.

Now that I think about it, weird vs. normal is kind of like the Spirit vs. the flesh, respectively. Being weird is something you have to work at (like walking in the Spirit); it is not easy. Moreover, many people misunderstand weird just like the Spirit. They think the flesh is better just like they think normal is better. Well, I am here to tell you that weird is better!

Be weird and do not say this useless phrase. Why? First of all, we are to be honest 100 percent of the time according to God's Word. Saying "in all honesty" only at certain times implies that we are not honest the rest of the time—in my opinion (notice I did not say "in my humble opinion," as we are to be humble 100 percent of the time too).

You may ask, "so how do we break the bad news to people gently if we cannot use this phrase?" Well, you should say, "sorry, but I have some bad news ..." It is that simple. So the next time you have the desire to say this phrase, resist the temptation and be weird!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be Sick or Ride Roller Coaster?

I do not think the throat was originally designed to hurt this bad before the fall. Yes, I am in the middle stage of a sickness of some sort. It actually feels like a roller coaster ride, going up and down. Last week, I felt terrible, but then on Saturday, I felt really good. Today, I think my throat is trying to get revenge for all the times I practiced my choking technique. The weird thing is that I never practiced the choking technique; although, I am surprisingly getting more interested in it as the day goes on.

Alas, I do think roller coaster rides are more exciting though (i.e., more exciting than being sick). I love the wooden roller coaster rides. They actually made me realize I do have a brain, contrary to popular belief, because the wooden rides are very rough and make your brain bounce around inside your skull.

However, some might say that this does not mean that my brain is hooked up properly or that I use any percentage of my brain. My response would be that you are correct. I would further add that I only wrote that the ride proves I had a brain and not that I gained anything profitable from it.

Being sick has only made me remember that I do have a throat, which no one ever questioned. My throat is definitely not more exciting than roller coasters. I do admit, though, this sickness has made me remember about all the good times I had on roller coasters, particularly the wooden roller coasters.

In summary, roller coasters have proven that I have a brain, and being sick has only reminded me of my throat's presence. Therefore, roller coasters are better.