Thursday, December 30, 2010

In My Plain Opinion

The philosophy of weird has many applications. One application is on normal phrases that we say. Ever hear of the phrase "in my humble opinion"? Have you ever thought it was rather ironic that some people need to put the word "humble" in there as if it was not obvious enough?

Stating your humbleness seems to be what some non-humble people would do. I am not meaning that anyone who adds "humble" to this phrase is being prideful, but it definitely does not help.

Telling someone that we are humble hardly makes it so. How about we just state our opinion and strive to be humble in what we say and do? Not many would ever say, "in my prideful opinion." They are either prideful or not. So let us be either humble or not.

We should be weird and stop following the world's standard phrases; instead, we can make our own! Or we can add our own flare to the standard phrases to make them worthy of saying.

In my plain opinion (like when you ask for a plain hamburger), adding "humble" to "in my opinion" just ruins it. Just like how adding American cheese to a plain hamburger ruins the hamburger. I know, I bet that is a bad comparison for some, but it does work for me. I would encourage you to find your own comparison for weird's sake.

There you have it. I hope this application of weird was helpful. Time to begin thinking above, below, or around the box! (Or as normal people would say, "outside of the box.")



  1. Dear Weird Hamster,
    You post was very amusing. I wonder what is wrong with American cheese? Also, I am curios about the normal greeting that says, how are you doing....I'm are you? Really, what does that even mean? Also, goodbye...where does that word comefrom and why do we use it?
    Just curious?

  2. Thanks for the questions!

    Well, I want to make sure that I have nothing against Americans. I just hate American cheese. Just one personal discovery that I have made while tasting it.

    Regarding the normal greetings and so on, I think that is another blog post. :-)