Friday, December 12, 2008

10 ways to get a million dollars in 5 days

Here is some randomness for you. What are 10 ways to get a million dollars in 5 days? They are not necessarily morally sound, easy to happen, or whatever, but here they are:

  1. Find a random suitcase full of cash
  2. Have a rich relative that you did not know about die and leave you money
  3. Rob a bank
  4. Buy a lottery ticket and win
  5. Do what the government does and just print more money
  6. Find a diamond mine in your backyard
  7. Become a beneficary of life insurance and have the person that has the policy die accidentally
  8. Start a website and put pay per click advertising on your website and immediately have a billion people or so click on the ad
  9. Global warming takes place and melts the icecaps and your land is one of the only surviving pieces of land
  10. Get a bailout from the government

Thanks to my brother for some of those ideas.


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